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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 10, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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so, two more wishes. mmmm. maybe later, then. [ female announcer ] new kellogg's fiber plus cereal®. positively delicious. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. we were live over the site of last night's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. and this morning, the coroner confirms three people are dead. >> flames destroyed the entire neighborhood. 53 homes completely gone, 120 others damaged. >> and this is where it all began. a crater filled with water now, this is the hole where that natural gas line exploded into flames. >> good morning. it is friday, the 10th of september. i'm john kessler. >> and i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone.
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it is 6:01. crews will be back out san bruno searching for victims of yesterday's explosion. several people may still be unaccounted for and many others are seriously injured. the cause of the blast remains under investigation. >> the fire is inside this area of san bruno. there's a general perimeter starting at sneath lane which is just north of the 380/280 interchange. it loops around claremont drive and glenview drive. this area is west of interstate 280. california's acting governor abel maldonado plans to visit the fire later this morning. he has already declared a state of emergency for san mateo bridge. let's go to anne makovec with more on this fire from san bruno. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i am as close to the fire scene as you can get this morning. i'm on sneath lane and 280. you can see the area is being blocked off by officers here behind me. we drove around the perimeter of the neighborhood this morning near crestmore canyon.
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every way in is blocked off by police officers and flares like you see here. we did just speak with a woman though trying to get in to see if her home is still standing. >> we were in hawaii. we cut our vacation short just -- my daughter called me at 6:10 crying saying that there's been an explosion, a plane crash, she didn't know what happened. we got on a flight as fast as we can and here we are, what is it, 5:15 in the morning, and, uhm, we can't get to our home. we don't know anything that's happened. and we just are devastated. >> reporter: at this point police don't know when she will be able to get in to see her home. they say no one is allowed in because this is apparently a crime scene. that is what it's being called this morning. live look again over the scene from chopper 5. police can't say why it's been called a crime scene. the neighborhood, though, we know is still dangerous at this
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hour. some firefighters are still burning in the enabled. here's a look at the scene from chopper 5 last night a huge fireball burning in the neighborhood. very dramatic scene. they have heard surrounding glenview, skyline and san bruno avenue. ' a natural gas explosion leaving a crater in the ground, 53 homes destroyed, 120 damaged. we saw cars burning, people being evacuated. when the explosion happened, just after 6:00 p.m., that woman you just heard from, her daughter was in the house at the time. here's what she has to say. >> finished dinner, i was getting ready to relax for the evening and all of a sudden i hear this loud massively loud crash that just -- people thought it was an airplane because it was louder than anybody could ever have heard sound before. and then i walked out of my house and i saw this 100-foot- tall firewall just right there and i thought oh, my god! my first thought was that armageddon or something.
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i was freaking out. >> reporter: back out here live now on the ground, we just saw a couple of police cars enter the neighborhood. they are the only ones being allowed in. they have been waiting for first light to investigate further what they might find as far as the devastation and also the possibility of more casualties in that neighborhood. the big part of the investigation right now coming from pg&e. was it a natural gas line that did indeed explode and what might have caused that? we have gotten reports from people who live around here that there was a natural gas smell around the neighborhood over the past few days. >> john and sydnie. >> thank you, anne makovec in san bruno. and anne talked about pg&e and we have a pg&e spokesman on the phone. >> jeff smith. jeff? was it a pipeline? [ pause ] >> can you hear me? >> yes. can you hear us? >> yes, i can. go ahead. >> was it a pipeline? >> you know, we -- we -- what we do know at this point in
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time, there's a lot we still don't know, but the cause has yet to be determined but we do know that a pg&e gas transmission line was ruptured. >> okay. >> and if it is ultimately determined that we were responsible for the cause of the incident, we will take accountability for that. but, uhm, the cause has yet to be determined. we can confirm that a gas transmission line was ruptured. >> did you have any crews working in that area or had anyone checked in with pg&e to say they would be working in that area? >> you know, those are the types of details that are going to come forward as the -- as the investigation takes place? uhm.... what i can tell you is the ntsb, the national transportation safety board, is expected to be on site, on scene today. they are the federal agency responsible for investigating natural gas pipe line incidents. and pg&e will cooperate fully with the ntsb and all other federal, state and local agencies in an effort to identify the cause of the accident. >> jeff, there are reports from
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some of the residents who got out of there that there had been a gas smell for the last couple of days. what, if anything, have you heard about that? >> we have heard those reports in the news media, as well. and certainly those are the types of questions that are going to be asked and over the course of the investigation, many of those questions will be answered. >> other than the immediate neighborhood where this fire was, is there an impact on the surrounding areas, electricity, gas, those types of things? >> initially, 5,000 customers were initially -- had their power service suspended in order to allow the emergency responders to safely try and get to where they needed to go. since that time, we have been working to restore power as quickly and safely as we can. right now there's approximately 700 customers without electric service and approximately 300 customers without gas service. >> jeff, is there any cause for concern for any other neighborhoods in that area? >> you know, one thing that
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pg&e crews are doing is we're working to make the area safe. and we're going to be walking the neighborhood with the fire department this morning to make sure it is safe and to restore power where possible. we're also pro actively surveying the gas transmission and distribution system to determine the extent of the damage to investigate safety and begin repairs. >> any chance there is more gas in these pipelines? >> that's one of the things that we'll be investigating over the course of the day today. you know, at this point in time, those are the types of questions that will either be answered as the overall investigation goes forward over the next several days or some of those questions as we are able to begin conducting some of these things like walking the neighborhood with the fire department, some of those questions will begin to be able to be answered throughout the day today. >> jeff, as we look at these live pictures, we are still seeing flames in some of the household areas. now, the gas -- are you telling us, the gas has been turned off, right? >> yeah. the gas has been turned off in
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the immediate area. that is correct. immediate area. and basically in the incident area. that's correct. >> all right. jeff, thank you very much. jeff smith with pacific gas & electric. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, jeff. even though the death toll stands at 3 this morning, it is expected to rise. >> simon perez joins us now from bayhill shopping center where the american red cross is set up and simon has already heard of some other reports number-wise on the number of people who have may have died in this. good morning, simon. >> reporter: good morning, john. first report was one, then we heard three and now we're hearing as many as 6 people may have died in this explosion and the fire that followed. you can see from these pictures just how severe the explosion was and the devastating damage that it did to that entire neighborhood. now, of course, once the sun comes up today, the main thing for search crews is to see if there are more bodies. they are going to bring in cadaver dogs to help them with the search because as one official said, there may be nothing left of those bodies if
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there are any more except ashes. so very difficult job for those crews as they go through today. of course, they are going to try to see what the official count on the number of houses is, as well. i was here last night and it certainly was difficult not only from the darkness but because of the smoke as well to get a real good handle on exactly what happened. so once the sun comes up today, i'm sure we will certainly get a better picture. many people had to leave here because of injuries of course. some of them were sent to hospitals nearby. others went to burn centers as far away as san francisco. others are left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. the red cross is here to help them. >> we are sheltering about 38 people. we have two shelters open. and we're prepared to keep those shelters open for as long as we need to and provide services to individuals for as long as that's necessary. >> once again, search crews are going to be out today trying to see if there are any more
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bodies remaining. the death count, john, so far has increased from one at the beginning to now we're up to six. and unfortunately, those people that told us that there were six dead bodies also think there are more so their work is not done. >> thank you very much, simon perez in san bruno. want to remind that simon is there and we have julie watts as well as anne makovec on the scene. >> we want to try to help rescuers and help san bruno the city of san bruno get a count of people once they are accounted for, making it easier to go back into the neighborhood and look for those who are missing. so the city's urging people whose homes are in the area to ringster by calling this number: the city wants to account for as many people as possible so register by calling that number. it is 6:11. all the main thoroughfares in that area have re-opened this
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morning. but elizabeth says there are still some road closures. good morning, elizabeth. >> hey, good morning. yeah, if you live in the neighborhood, you are trying to get to your homes, you will likely find roads blocked. chp still on scene right around crestview drive and glenview drive. that area bounded by sneath lane, san bruno avenue and skyline boulevard. we are seeing a lot of closures in that area and caltrans says no estimated time when they are going to get that stretch of area re- opened because as you can see, there are still hot spots in the area where fire crews are still trying to put those out after yesterday's explosion. on the maps, we can show you exactly where this location, just west of interstate 280 in this neighborhood between just south of pacifica in the san bruno area, so what is re- opened right now? all the off-ramps to 280 have re-opened. but look, we are seeing some slowing on our sensors. so if you are traveling in that area, it's just like spectator traffic because again there is no road blocked on the freeway itself. but 101 might be a good alternate. it's likely going to be extra heavy this morning for the
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morning commute. we'll get more updates on your traffic here coming up. in the meantime, a quick check on the forecast with tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. well, winds were definitely a big issue last night up to 20 miles an hour. for this morning, light and variable. taking a look at the winds, these are current winds around 2 miles an hour. for this afternoon, winds will pick up out of the west up to 15 miles an hour as a sea breeze kicks in for the afternoon. conditions for the afternoon, temperature-wise, upper 80s in antioch, 88 degrees in pleasanton, these temperatures are slightly warmer than yesterday. 78 degrees in benicia, 80 in sonoma. 81 in santa rosa, 79 in kentfield, once you move back across the bay 74 in oakland, 77 in hayward, lower 80s in san jose and santa clara, and 69 degrees in san francisco. seven-day forecast, so today warming up a bit, slightly warmer than yesterday. tomorrow, warmer than today. yeah, a progressive warmup, not a big one but just a little bit more each day. sunday looks like it's going to be a fairly nice day, as
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well. as we move into the beginning of next week monday through thursday, lots of sunshine still expected but temperatures will drop off just a bit. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. 6:13. coming up, an up-close look at ground zero of that explosion in san bruno. and a firsthand account from the man who shot this video. happening in ,,,,,,
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our chopper up over the neighborhood in san bruno that was just devastated last night shortly after 6:00. a natural gas line exploded into flames. at least three people are known dead. but we are hearing reports it started as one. it went up to three. and now we're hearing reports as many as six. we do know that search dogs will be back outs in the neighborhood at sunrise. cadaver dogs looking for anyone else that may have died in the fire. the national transportation safety board will be on the san joaquin to investigate. that is charged with investigating all natural gas line explosions in the united
6:18 am
states. elementary schools schools will be closed but capuchino high school will be open. there is an emergency shelter set up for evacuees from the explosion. julie watts just happened upon the fire shortly after that explosion last night. she joins us now from the emergency shelter this morning. good morning, julie. >> reporter: good morning, john. yeah, i'm here with jim mallory from the american red cross. we are at this emergency shelter. this is the primary shelter where people have been coming. tell us -- i know there are a lot of supplies, a lot of food and volunteers but you're saying you're asking people to really slow down and go to the website and donate money not come in with supplies. >> we always rely on financial donation as well as blood donations for the work that we do because we don't get any government subsidies. we are a volunteer organization. so that's really important to us. >> reporter: why should people not bring more supplies here? >> well, the red cross really doesn't have the staff to sort and clean it and that kind of thing. there is a group of volunteers behind us here who have been working all night to sort these things that have been donated.
6:19 am
the people of the area have just been wonderful about coming in and dropping things off, pillows, clothes, food, all that kind of thing and whatever doesn't go to the people that are registered with us, will then eventually be transferred to one of the local charities. >> reporter: you said there are about 100 people who register who say we're safe, alive. but only about 12 people stayed here last night and 6 at another shelter down the road. do those numbers surprise you? >> no. there is no way to tell the number of people who will need to stay with us. you know, many people will stay with friends, family, they go to a hotel, whatever they choose to do. our shelters are very safe. they are very comfortable. but it's not the hilton. and so we do the best we can. so we only had a relatively small number of people who actually stayed with us last night. i expect that a goodly number of the folks who registered with us will probably be coming back today. we'll be doing a briefing at
6:20 am
7:00 to let them know what's going on now with the partners that we're working with here. we will be feeding them breakfast at 8:00. at the present time we think the shelter will be open for several days, a decision by the city because we work in partnership with the city. >> reporter: thank you, it. you have been up all night as we have. john you mentioned i happened upon the scene. i was driving from san jose into the city when i saw the explosion, pulled over and had a live truck meet me. i have never seen anything like. this one thing i thought was really interesting which i have never seen before in covering fires is they were dropping that flame retardant over a residential area right next to the freeway which is something that you don't typically see. normally you see that with brush fires or wildfires. so definitely something i think we'll hear more about in the coming days. >> all right. julie thank you very much. julie watts in san bruno this
6:21 am
morning. don ford was able to get near the spot where the fire started. the cbs 5 journalist said it was a chaotic scene. >> power lines were all down. there's glass and dirt in the street. close to the epicenter where this main ruptured, the -- the -- the energy was so intense that the street has been reduced to nothing but a dirt path now. there is nothing at all left of the asphalt. >> it just melted off? >> melted, burned offer, straight down to the dirt. so the 3" thick concrete sidewalks, sometimes three or four feet wide is buckled up and just debris. the intensity of the heat was something i haven't seen in a long time and i have been shooting news for a very long time. >> safety assessment teams meeting this morning to review the damage. >> it is 6:21. >> with the scope of the explosion so vast, how you can
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6:25 am
off. this actually is where our reporter anne makovec is. this is at sneath and rolling wood so we have several city streets blocked off around the scene of yesterday's large gas main explosion. if you live in the neighborhood trying to get to your house, you will find chp on scene. let's go to the map. if you are commuting through the area, 280 is open as well as all the on- and off-ramps in the area. but we are noticing a lot of slow traffic unusually slow through pacifica down into san bruno, likely just spectator slowing and probably an issue for the rest of the morning commute or all day depending how long they are trying to put out the hot spots. the fire and explosion was just west of 280 right in this general area. they have re-opened the major roads in the area like skyline boulevard after a nine hour closure, a traffic alert, they finally re-opened skyline from pacifica into san bruno shortly after 5:00 this morning. the rest of the bay area, a few more live traffic cameras.
6:26 am
commuting elsewhere, 880 through oakland quiet this morning. no other big hot spots, no other big issues out there. this is northbound traffic heading towards downtown. and at the bay bridge toll plaza i just checked and there are still no metering lights. we are seeing slight delays approaching the pay gates. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. taking a look outside, we'll start outside and we're not seeing a lot of clouds out there this morning. mostly clear conditions, a lot of people talking about when the sunrises they can assess the damage. sunrise this morning at 6:47. winds light and variable for the morning today. here's a look at our anemometer. calm, 2 miles an hour. not a concern for the morning. but for the afternoon a sea breeze is expected to come in around 15 miles an hour. conditions today temperatures mid-80s in fairfield to concord to livermore. mid- to upper 70s in oakland and fremont. 81 degrees in san jose. 78 in redwood city. 69 in san francisco.
6:27 am
mid- to upper 70s in vallejo and san rafael. and the lower 80s in napa and in santa rosa. those temperatures just a tad warmer than yesterday. and we are going to add on more for tomorrow. saturday looking good, pretty nice weekend expected. as we move into next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, plenty of sunshine still expected but temperatures not quite as warm as the weekend. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. 6:27. we are hearing up to 6 people may be dead now, but dozens were injured, as well. there is an urgent need for blood donations. call this number. "o" negative is requested because that type of blood is for anyone. several schools are closed including all the san bruno
6:28 am
park elementary schools and parkside junior high. capuchino high school will be open. skyline college in san bruno has checked in. it is open today. faculty, staff and students can check the college website if you would like more information. it is 6:27 :28. pets are affected by the explosion. there is some help available. we'll tell you about that. also in other news, the investigation into the east bay killing spree turns up another grisly discovery. three people are dead ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. these are pictures of what's left of that san bruno neighborhood this morning. at least three people are dead after a natural gas line exploded into flames yesterday evening. there may be as many as six deaths. dozens of others have been injured. the explosion and fires destroyed 53 homes, at least 120 others damaged. there are quite a few stories emerging about people narrowly escaping the flames in san bruno. one of those are rob hensel. his childhood home burned to the ground and his father barely made it out alive. >> my dad had to open up the garage door and drive the car
6:32 am
through the flames to get out. the back of the car is melted. i mean, the taillights are shrunken in. the bumper all warped up. but number one thing, he's okay. everything else can be replaced. >> reporter: he barely made it? >> barely made it. i -- the car, the clothes on his back. i mean, you always think it could never happen to you, but it happens. >> and there is a petco store that is offering free shelter to pets and stray animals that are without homes now. that location at san bruno's tanforan mall providing kennels for dogs and cats as well as food and water. if you would like more information, call 650-589-3757. petco also working with the red cross to transport animals from fire sites to the store. it is 6:32. let's take a look at other news we're following this morning. a body has been found in a hercules home at the center of a killing spree. the remains found in a home
6:33 am
where ricardo sales was found dead last month. his adult son has been missing since then. a bay area woman who spent more than a year in an iranian jail comes home tomorrow. sarah shourd is one of three hikers all graduates of uc- berkeley that iran accused of spying. iran says it's freeing shourd as an act of clemency to mark the end of ramadan. there is no word on the fate of the other two americans. and a florida pastor's plan to burn copies of the koran tomorrow on the anniversary of september 11, it's been called off again. terry jones says he hopes to travel to new york to discuss the future of the islamic center plan there. i'm live outside the neighborhood destroyed by an explosion last night. authorities finally getting a little chance to look at the devastation now that light has come up. we'll have live look at what's going on right now coming up.
6:34 am
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6:36 am
explosion in san bruno. we're t least six people a this is our helicopter. live over the site of last night's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. we're told at least six people are dead and the death toll could rise. flames swallowed up a
6:37 am
enabled. 53 homes destroyed, 120 others are damaged. this is where it all began. you can see firefighters in the background. the water in front of them is filling a hole where the natural gas line exploded into flames. good morning. it is friday, the 10th of september. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. it is 6:37. topping our news, search dogs will be back out in the san bruno neighborhood this morning looking for more victims. anne makovec is there where the ntsb, the national transportation safety board is joining this investigation. >> it is going to be quite an investigation now that the sun is coming up. investigators and authorities emergency workers at this point since there are still fires burning still going to get a good look at what's going on. i'm at sneath lane in rolling wood by 280. you can see sneath lane here behind me blocked off. all of the entrances into the
6:38 am
neighborhood are blocked off to the public. we just talked to a woman trying to get in to see of had her home is still standing. >> i would hope all our neighbors and friends are safe. but we have elderly neighbors that were worried about -- want to make sure that everybody is okay. >> this is the best look we can get at that neighborhood. live overhead from chopper 5, no one again is being allowed in because right now, this neighborhood is being called a crime scene though police out here can't tell me why exactly it's been dubbed that. the neighborhood is also still dangerous because fires are still burning in the area. we have seen several fire trucks go in. police cars go in. the fire trucks going in appear to be water tenders so they will project still be putting out spot fires that have been burning throughout the night. here is the scene from chopper 5 last night. a huge fireball burning in this neighborhood surrounding glenview, skyline and san bruno
6:39 am
avenue. it appears to be a natural gas explosion, that left a crater in the ground. 53 homes destroyed, 120 damaged. saw a lot of cars burning and evacuees escaping. witnesses cite earth shaking and a loud roar when the explosion happened. >> we felt a violent shaking. i thought it was the biggest earthquake i ever fell. i ran outside my driveway. the flames were shooting up the street. the heat was so intense, everybody had to run. you couldn't even stay out in front your house. it looked like something exploded on the corner of claremont or glenview. two or three houses were just incinerated. >> reporter: pg&e this morning does admit that one of its natural gas lines did rupture. they are not sure what caused this though. they say they will take accountability if the company was found to be responsible for this. but they do again caution that
6:40 am
the cause of the blast does have yet to be determined. we are going to see a lot of more clues into exactly what happened coming out today as investigators again get a better look at this devastation in this neighborhood. in the meantime, obviously, a lot of emergency workers here. we talked to one police officer who said he had been on duty since 8:00 yesterday morning. a lot of exhaustion on their parts. when it comes to firefighters, a lot of frustration because they had to stand back from the houses that were burning last night and just protect the ones on the perimeter because there was no way they could fight those huge hot flames. john and sydnie? >> anne, i see cars being turned around there. for people who are watching who may live in the neighborhood or have friends and relatives, no one can get in there right? >> reporter: no. >> except the emergency vehicles? >> reporter: yeah, we drove around the entire perimeter this morning, trying to get best look devastation that we could get. and this is as far as we could go. we have seen the police turn several people away but we know that is so incredibly frustrating for those people
6:41 am
who want to know if their houses are standing, if pets and neighbors are okay. just a very frustrating situation here. >> all right, anne makovec, thank you, in san bruno. we are hearing that at least six people are dead. simon perez joins us now from bayhill shopping center to explain that number is about to rise, isn't it simon, or expected to? >> reporter: quite likely it is expected to. it's almost without a doubt. the number has been going up. but you have to realize that that number of six has been arrived at based on what the firefighters and rescuers are able to find last night in the dark. as you can see from this video, the devastation was just -- was dramatic. i mean, there is nothing left of a lot of those houses save the chimneys and a little bit of foundation, as well. so as the sun comes up today, the rescuers are going to go back and to see if they can find more bodies. they expect to, although they are going to have to use cadaver dogs as well, we understand, because they do expect that many of those bodies will have been reduced to ashes just like much of the
6:42 am
houses, as well. dozens of people were hurt here in the fire and the explosion last night. many of them going to nearby hospitals. some as far away as san francisco burn unit. obviously, some with burns, some with smoke inhalation problems. fire crews still trying to put out some of the hot spots that are up there. this is just such a devastating fire all that forced gas really kept them away. they weren't able to get very close. listen to the frustration that the fire crews had from the fire chief of san bruno fire department. >> our problem was is obviously it was a high pressure gas line. we could not get close to the line until they could shut down that pipeline. currently they are shutting down distribution lines so we still have residual in the gas lines so at the last briefing we still were not able to access the area fully. >> reporter: we heard from pg&e a little bit ago, that's one thing they are going to try to do is figure out, is there any
6:43 am
gas left in those lines and make sure it's all out. of course, they have turned off the gas but they need to make sure that all the residual gas is out of there, as well. we can tell you that the california department of fire crews and emergency management crews have been making their way up to the scene. this is almost likifying like fighting a forest fire. we expect more information here shortly not only because the sun is coming up and the crews can get in there and get a good look at what's going on, but we expect the lieutenant governor and also the san bruno fire chief to be speaking to us within the next hour or so. so we'll be sure to give the latest update grim as they might be. >> all right, simon, thank you very much. simon perez in san bruno. as simon mentioned, they are going to start rescue effort again this morning but the city urges people whose homes are in the fire area to register it and help them out so they can try to figure out who has been accounted for and who is missing.
6:44 am
you can call this number: 650- 616-7180. the plan is to account for as many people as possible as the search begins today. some of the roads in the area are closed. with more on that elizabeth joins yours. good morning. >> good morning, guys. we are actually going to go out quickly to southern california. we are just getting this information into our newsroom. this is the scene of a train derailment. this is live pictures here from one of our sister stations down there 50 miles east of l.a. in fontana. one freight train slammed into another. we are hearing that one person is injured, we are not sure how seriously. emergency crews are on scene. we are going to bring you more live pictures with this and hopefully more information coming up but i want to go closer to home and yeah, update you on these road closures in san bruno. this is a live picture, sneath lane, this is one of our largest closures right now. we are hearing that it's completely shut down between 280 and skyline boulevard. so this is a major thoroughfare
6:45 am
actually for people who may be commuting to tanforan, to the san bruno bart station. we can show you exactly where this is. go to our maps, as you can see it's west of 280. so in that area, this is our largest closure right now, according to caltrans but there are other city streets closed in the area, 280 fine all the on- and off-ramps are open but it is a little slow in the area and apparently, smoke is still visible from the freeway. so maybe a good idea to use 101 in the meantime. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast, yeah, pretty quiet weather-wise this morning. did have winds that were fairly significant last flight. fire in san bruno this morning. light and variable winds for the first half of the day. for the afternoon winds kick up to 15 miles per hour coming in out of the west. for the morning, pretty light in nature. something else in the forecast. temperatures today will be warming up a bit.
6:46 am
90 in antioch and pleasanton. upper 70s in hayward, mid-70s in oakland today. 72 in palo alto and just shy of 70 degrees in san francisco. lower 80s today in sonoma and in santa rosa and 79 degrees in kentfield. our seven-day forecast, break it down for the inland locations and the coast. conditions today warmest spots near 90 degrees. for the weekend, saturday expected to be the warmer of the two-days. by the beginning of the workweek temperatures cooling down a bit but still expecting quite a bit of sunshine. that's a look at your weather this morning. back to you. >> tracy, thanks very much. 6:46. an emergency shelter has been set up for evacuees from that gas explosion and fire in san bruno. our julie watts was there shortly after the explosion hit last night and she is now at the emergency shelter this morning. julie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. yeah, there are 12 evacuees that are waking up this morning upstairs from where i am here at the san bruno veterans memorial center. they will be joined by six others who are staying at another shelter just down the
6:47 am
street to come here for breakfast around 8:00 a.m. this morning. throughout the morning, though, people have been coming in and out pouring of support. tony and amanda came in on the way to work. >> i brought some coffee for everybody for friday morning. it is friday. good way to start off your morning. even though it is not the greatest of mornings, i grew up here and me and amanda just moved back. and i figured it's a community and we all stick together and who wouldn't want coffee and you know -- after their homes just burned down. >> so you're bringing this coffee not only for victims the evacuees but also the volunteers. tell me what went through your minds last night. you live in the area. did you see the flames? what are you thinking of your enabled going up in flames? >> well, i was pretty scared. i didn't know how close it was going to be by the house. i felt safer knowing that the family was going to be okay, but still worried about friends and other families that are up
6:48 am
there that actually did lose their homes. we were able to see the fire from our roof and was snapping pictures and that was all i could do. i didn't know what else to do other than to make phone calls see if everybody was okay. >> reporter: have you been able to get ahold of everyone that now in the area? >> yes, we did. and everybody is okay. so... >> reporter: are any of them staying with shelters with friends? can you tell us about what some of the victims are going through this morning and where they are a staying? >> they are with friends and family. you know, they're just trying to get back to the scene if they can. they probably can't right now just to see what is left of their homes, what they can save and salvage. and i'm hoping they can. i really don't know. >> reporter: all right, thank you so much for chatting with us this morning. and thank you for your donation, as well. have a great day, guys. >> so you can see this is the type of thing that's happening throughout the morning. people continuing to come in. the red cross does say they don't need any more of what they call in-kind donation so food and clothing and things of that nature, because they don't have a lot of place to store it. so what they are asking is go
6:49 am
to the website and donate money there. they will be holding some informational meetings here right after breakfast at 8:00 a.m. providing city services and red cross services to any of the evacuees and for those out there who are watching this morning, if you have not registered, go to the red cross website and register there to let folks know you are accounted for and are safe this morning. if you are looking for a loved one. haven't heard from them go, to the red cross website as well and find out if they have registered and if they are okay. >> thank you, julie watts in san bruno this morning. it's 6:49. we are going to take a quick break and we'll be right back. ast ,,,,
6:50 am
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or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. city industries impacted by the gas pipe line explosion. sneath lane shut down between 280 and skyline boulevard that's a major thoroughfare for people heading to bart heading to tanforan. but the food news is the big freeways highway 35 also known as skyline boulevard and the on and off-ramp to 280 have all re- opened after 5:00 this morning. so overall we are looking good.
6:53 am
skyline to 280, smoke is visible from the freeway. you could see the devastation from where this explosion and fire happened. it just looks like a large pit where a neighborhood used to be. so obviously that may be causing a little bit of extra spectator slowing if you are commuting 280 through the san bruno area. 101 might be a good alternate for you for the morning commute. want to take you outside show you a few other areas. here's a live look at the south bay traffic out of downtown san jose. so far, so good overall we are seeing friday light traffic conditions. haven't seen any big problems across the bay area except for of course this closures in san bruno. the metering lights were turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza but our delays aren't bad. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. here's a look outside this morning. got a live shot from the camera on top of our building here at broadway and battery and we're looking toward the
6:54 am
bay bridge. sunrise officially at 6:47. you can see the sunshine coming up and over the east bay hills. our conditions for today will be warming up just a bit. temperatures are pretty close to seasonal highs. upper 80s in antioch, 88 pleasanton, 84 fairfield, north bay locations 80 in sonoma, 81 santa rosa, 74 oakland, 77 in hayward. 81 degrees in santa clara and how about 69 in san francisco. seven-day forecast, well, today is warming up, tomorrow yeah, we're still warming up. sunday both weekend days exceptional. monday and tuesday, still plenty of sunshine out there. but temperatures will start to cool down just a bit wednesday and thursday looking nice, too. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. it is 6:54. >> reporter: i'm live outside the devastated neighborhood in san bruno where authorities are finally entering to assess the damage. we'll have live report from the ground coming up. i'm a dancer. and until now, my feet showed it.
6:55 am
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. as governor, he cut waste got rid of the mansion and the limo budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how
6:57 am
to get california working again. no one fights harder than jerry mcnerney. when some vets were forced to travel hours for care, mcnerney fought for a new v.a. medical facility, and won. mcnerney took on washington gridlock, to improve care for vets with traumatic brain injuries. his plan became law. that's why vfw state commander dave norris endorsed mcnerney. i'm jerry mcnerney, and i'm honored to approve this message. thanks, dad. the number of deaths from the explosions and fires on the peninsula is expected to climb today. >> we have had word now that
6:58 am
six people have been killed. anne makovec is in san bruno where the entire neighborhood is off limits this morning. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning, all of the entrances are blocked off around this neighborhood. we have run into several people who live up there who want to go and assess the damage at their homes. they are not being allowed in. this scene repeated all over the area. you can see officers, they have their cars there, they are keeping people away except for emergency workers who now are finally able to get a look at the damage themselves. this is the best look we can get at that neighborhood live from chopper 5 overhead. the neighborhood now being called a crime scene this morning though police can't tell me why it's been dubbed that. the neighborhood is still dangerous at this hour. you can see some little puffs of smoke coming. we're told that the fires are still burning. and police and firefighters going to drop water on the fires still burning and seeing what we have been told looks
6:59 am
somewhat like an armageddon scene a war zone, we know there is no power up there lots of devastation, 53 homes destroyed in this natural gas explosion. 120 damaged. countless burned cars around the neighborhood as well after the explosion happened just after 6:00 p.m. now, pg&e this morning is saying that one of their natural gas lines did rupture overnight. they are not saying that's the cause of what happened. we'll find out more about what happened throughout the day. >> thank you. lieutenant governor abel maldonado is now scheduled to speak in san bruno at 7:30 this morning. he is acting governor because governor schwarzenegger is in asia. >> it's scheduled for 7:30 this morning and we'll have it live. also a national news conference, president obama, this morning holding his first solo


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